OUHSC Information Technology Department

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  • Application Services
  • Data Center Hosting
  • Desktop Management
  • Enterprise Connectivity
  • Information Security
  • Messaging & Collaboration
  • Professional Services
  • Technology Sales
  • Training, Education & Awareness
  • Voice Services
OU Norman IT
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We are One OU IT – an outstanding organization of IT Professionals who serve as trusted advisors that put OU’s students and Oklahoma’s citizens first; deliver an excellent experience through community engagement and shared services; and contribute to the growth and success of our future global citizens and leaders.

The IT Professionals at the OU Health Sciences Center deliver the world-class technology services our university community needs to teach, heal and discover.

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Technology Product Review Process


OU IT outage and alert notifications are managed through our system wide OU IT Alerts page.

To subscribe, please visit alerts.ou.edu and follow the instructions here.



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